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“You’re a game I’ll win every time.”

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as if men had a monopoly on murder

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AU: Wherein for the first time in his goddamned life, Sebastian’s hands shook.

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#Goodbye Sebastian.

I knew this would happen :(


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-You were the best distraction.





John Watson: The interpreter

Do you even realize that it was in this exact moment when Moriarty knew he needed to kidnap John to get to Sherlock?

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#is it weird that they all look just slightly similar?


I love how our Moriartys mimic our Sherlocks, and vice versa. The quiet, dignified pretenses of Brett’s Holmes that mask a deep curiosity and intense vigor and even, at times, playfulness, against that glitter of something darker in his Moriarty’s eyes, that sort of shine through the careful, impassive face he’s wearing there. And then Ritchie’s Holmes and Moriarty, with their smiles and jokes that belie this deep-seated enmity and ill will. And lastly, our BBC ‘verse, with the challenge in both of their stances, as they wait for one another to make their move. There’s a daredevil in each of them, and also that desperate desire to see just how far they can push; and that race for the end when the adrenaline just reaches up and chokes them - because here, none of them are bored, and though they only look sort of mildly interested and calm and collected, here they are in their element.

It’s probably such a testament to the character of each of these versions. We have Granada, with its dedication to canon. It was the early stages, and often, some remark, most true to the stories. And then Ritchie, with its action and crowd-pleasing (which is not a bad thing at all, mind you, it’s just much less serious, though by no means less intense). And finally, BBC, with the fast pacing and danger that we all crave.

Our Sherlocks mimic our Moriartys, but all together they mimic the nature of each version. It’s absolutely spectacular to see how each uses the same characters to craft something so wonderfully, splendidly different, each as compelling as the other. The way one original canon can spawn so many other creations, each so strongly identifiable on its own, in every aspect - remarkable. Truly remarkable to see, and I highly doubt it’s an accident in any way.


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