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This is what Hinton said to me…

EXCUUUUUUSE ME?  okay that woman is the most obnoxious thing I ever witnessed.  Hinton, I HATE YOU. ( and I hardly ever HATE anything. ) 

Look, no one loved SE Hinton’s books more than I did as a teenager, but the more I hear about her RL persona, the more I think there’s something really off and inappropriate about her, particularly with her weird and invasive behavior on the set of Supernatural.

I just looked over there and she seems to be having some kind of breakdown on her Twitter blocking dozens of people for asking simple inoffensive questions like “Why did you block that person? Just curious”. Her recent tweets include such gems as:

Point blank: If this were anyone other than a famous writer, we’d be calling this behavior for what it is. And let’s not forget that this is also a writer who bristles at people slashing her own characters. I’m just sayin.



Whenever I see someone famous doing something like this I always wonder if they’ve got some sort of creepy tumblr blog with creepy paparazzi pictures and endless wanks about headcanons and real life ships.

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    My fucking goodness. This woman doesn’t know SHIT.
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    OMG she writes fanfic! that’s a bit disturbing
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    Well this sucks. I thought she was a better person than this. Still gotta admit her books are great though. :/
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    That’s funny because 90% of tumblr does exactly what she is “supposedly ” doing here and they don’t get judged for it....
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    Guys, there are fans like this for everything, One Direction to Suoernatural. Calm down becuase the fans that aren’t...
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    Damn. That’s horrible. I didn’t know that one of my favorite writers was so rude. I love her books. The Outsiders and...
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